2019 Share Information

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Along with 18 weeks of fresh, locally grown produce; you will receive:

  • A weekly newsletter with information about your vegetables, updates from the farm, and recipes
  • Stories, interviews and updates about farmers currently enrolled in the training program and graduated farmers
  • Current news updates about sustainable agriculture on a local, national and global level
  • Invitation to skill shares and workshops on the farm (CSA Members get the workshop fee waived)
  • Herb Pot & Herb Guide
  • Additional perks depending on your delivery site!


Full Acre Farm Share

Full Acre Members directly support 3rd year Basic Training Farmers and Farmers in our Whole Farm Management program as they manage up to five acres of vegetables and sell to our CSA, Farmers Markets and Wholesale.

Full Acre Members receive 18 weeks of fresh, seasonal and certified organic vegetables. Your weekly delivery includes 10-12 items and can feed 2-5 people depending on your love of vegetables! Our farmers grow a variety of produce including common lovable veggies such as sweet corn, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, salad mix, cucumbers, garlic and onions, as well as a mix of traditional/ethnic crops from a wide array of cultures and farming populations here in Minnesota. Delivered full share Members get all of this for under $41/week and on-farm Share Members for less than $38/week

Your first delivery comes with a full season herb pot and herb pocket guide to keep you stocked with fresh herbs and recipes all summer long!

18 boxes over 18 weeks

June 12 - October 9, 2019

On-Farm Full Share Pick Up: $680.00 

Full Share Delivered: $730.00


 Half Acre Farm Share

If a full box each week is too much for you, opt for the Half Acre Share: you receive the same great veggies, but only 5-7 items per week. The cost for Delivered Half Share Memberships is less than $25/week and for On-Farm Members, the cost is less than $23/week.

Half Acre Shares support our 2nd year farmers in Basic Farm Training, who have proficient production skills and are beginning to explore markets for their produce.

Your first delivery comes with a full season herb pot and herb pocket guide to keep you stocked with fresh herbs and recipes all summer long!

18 half-boxes over 18 weeks

June 12 - October 9, 2019

On-Farm Half Share Pick Up: $400.00

Half Share Delivered: $435.00


 Fruit Shares

Fruit Share from FruitShare

Through our partnership with FruitSharemembers have the option to add 9 weeks of certified Organic fruit to your veggie share. You can also just get the fruit. Along with each fruit share, you will receive a newsletter with recipes and anecdotes from the family farmers who grew your fruit, courtesy of Fruit Share.

9 boxes over 18 weeks

June 12 - October 9, 2019




Full Season Fruit Share from Mary Dirty Face Farm - SOLD OUT for 2019!

This season we are offering a full season fruit share from Mary Dirty Face Farm in Dunn County, southeast of Menomonie, WI. Anton and Rachel own and operate this 60-acre certified organic farm. This fruit share can be purchased as an add-on to your vegetable share, or as stand-alone share option. This fruit share includes:

Boxes delivered weekly in July and every-other week August - October, 2019

10 boxes Certified Organic currants, gooseberries, raspberries, plums, pears, and apples   



Example (based on 2018) fruit share includes:

Week 1: quart of red currants, pint of black currants, pint raspberries, jar of apple butter

Week 2: Pint each red, black, pink currants; Pint gooseberries;1/2 pint raspberries 

Week 3: Quart black currants, pint red currants, pint gooseberries, 1/2 pint raspberries 

Week 4: Pint black and red, Pint gooseberries, 1/2 Pint raspberries   

Week 5: Plums, Summer Crisp pears, early apples, aronia

Week 6: Plums, early apples, crabapples, pears  

Weeks 7-10: 3 or more varieties organic apples in each box, including many heirloom and uncommon cultivars; 1 bag of organic pears in each box; raspberries when available. 

Click here to learn more about Mary Dirty Face


Gift Certificates

Purchase a gift certificate to share a CSA share with a friend or family member this season! Gift certificate values range in various amounts, ranging from $25 to $730 for a Full Share. 

Click here to purchase a gift certificate today!

Donate a Share

Donate a 2019 CSA share to a local family who lacks access to fresh produce this season. These shares will be distributed to families who shop at one of The Food Group’s Food Shelf Partners. You can donate any amount, which also helps local farmers and funds programming.

Click here to donate a share!


Fall Storage Crops 

Available for purchase in Aug 2019

Instead of a weekly box delivery, we will be offering a single share of fall storage crops. You can choose exactly what you want to buy for your household from what our farmers have available. Please contact Eric at ewilson@thefoodgroupmn.org if you are interested in receiving updates about ordering fall storage crops for the 2019 season.