Frequently Asked Questions


Community Supported Agriculture

By signing up with Big River Farms I agree and understand the benefits and risks of my membership. I understand the variability of farming and trust that Big River farmers and staff will work to provide the highest quality of produce during the growing season. I recognize that weather plays a large factor in determining the type and quantity of produce available and I support Big River Farms as they navigate unforeseen weather events impacting crop production.

Being a member of a CSA connects you with the highs and lows of farm life. Depending on the season, some vegetables will be in abundance, while other veggies may have lower yields. Your CSA share will reflect what eating with the seasons truly means. You can take a look at Minnesota Grown's "What's in Season"chart here.

At Big River Farms we encourage your participation not only in receiving produce but in reading emails, following the farm on Facebook and Instagram, sharing recipes/feedback and attending our Open House in July and Harvest Party in October. We guarantee this will only make your eating, cooking and meal sharing more pleasurable!


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How do I pick up my CSA?

We will deliver your CSA fresh from the farm on Wednesdays from June 12 through October 9, 2019.

You will need to pick up your share from your drop site unless otherwise arranged with me or your drop site host*. Contact info for drop site hosts will be sent in a separate email with details specific to each drop site.

A Tupperware box will be located near the produce boxes. When you pick up your vegetables make sure to cross your name off the list in the Tupperware box to help the drop site host ensure that everyone gets their share.

Plan to arrive during the time specified for your drop site. Please be respectful of each hosts space and time by arriving within the time frame. 


Are you certified organic?

Yes! Our farm has been certified organic since 2008 by Minnesota Crop Improvement Association (MCIA). 


What is in a typical CSA box? 

Our Full Acre Share boxes are fit for 2-4 adults, while our Half Acre Share is suitable for 1-2 adults depending on your eating habits and needs. 

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! You can either pay for the whole amount up front or make monthly payments to pay your share in full by on June 1, 2019. This only applies to both our Full and Half Acre shares. Fall crops will be available online and you will pay when you order. 

Currently, Big River Farms accepts checks payable to Big River Farms CSA sent to 14220-B Ostlund Trail North, Marine on St. Croix, MN 55047. Or you may pay via credit card through our online system.

Click here to order your share!  


Do I bring my own bag?

Yes! Bring your own bag for transporting your vegetables. Boxes cost $3.00 each! This is a large expense for our farm and we greatly appreciate your help ensuring that there are boxes for us to pick up each week that we can re-use. Once unpacked, break down your box and leave it in a neatly stacked pile out of the way of traffic.  


What about my Fruit Share?

Mmm organic fruit! Your fruit share will be delivered on Wednesdays along with the vegetable shares. Fruit Share boxes are flat and rectangular and you can take them home!

Fruit Shares will be delivered 9 times during the season. Delivery dates to be announced.  


What if I forget to pick-up?

Life happens and sometimes we forget things. If you forget to pick-up your share, contact your drop site host first. They are close to the action and are more quickly able to communicate with you about holding your share until you can pick it up. All shares remaining after 24 hours are left to the discretion of the drop site host. If you can’t reach your host, contact Eric Wilson*.


Do I get recipes?

You sure do! Recipes will be a part of your weekly CSA newsletter. The newsletter arrives in your email inbox the day that you receive your share. It will be sent to all email addresses associated with each membership and will include recipes, links to articles about sustainable agriculture, on-farm event information and other farm updates.

What if I can’t pick up my CSA?

We are happy to arrange holds on your boxes if you will be out of town or unable to collect your box. Alternatively, if there is someone else that is able to pick-up your box while you are away, it is your responsibility to arrange for that.

If you would like to donate your share for a particular week, we are happy to accommodate. We work closely with Our Community Kitchen in Stillwater who provide free breakfasts for community members. Produce donations are always graciously accepted.

Please contact Eric Wilson* at least 2 weeks in advance to arrange for a hold or donation.  

What is Ugly Produce?

In the produce world there are firsts and there are seconds. Firsts are the near perfect version of each vegetable, void of bruises, gashes or odd shapes, they embody the textbook definition of a vegetable. Seconds, have the same great taste and texture on the inside, but on the outside they have some irregularity. Cosmetic market demand has driven these quality standards in the produce world while also contributing to a fair amount of pre-consumer food waste

At Big River Farms we educate farmers on how to sort firsts and seconds produce to meet market and consumer demands. We also work with farmers and CSA members to minimize food waste while ensuring the highest quality in taste, texture and freshness. The bulk of our seconds produce is sold through gleaning markets or donated to meal services and food pantries. However, if you happen upon a twisted carrot or a funky zucchini, know that it will still taste delicious and look the same on your plate, even if it looks different in your box.  

If you are interested in purchasing seconds at a discounted rate any given week, please contact Eric Wilson*. Seconds are great for canning and soups!

Can I cancel my CSA membership?

Sometimes life gets in the way, as farmers, we understand this one-hundred percent. If you are not happy with your CSA share or if you decide that a CSA doesn’t work for your lifestyle, please contact us. We do not guarantee refunds, but we are willing to discuss options.  There will however, be a $20 processing fee for any cancellation. 


Where else can I find Big River Farms' produce? 

Find our produce at the Seward Co-ops and Shared Ground Farmers Co-op as well as other small businesses such as, Sen Yai Sen Lek and Truce Juice Bar. We will also have stands at the following Farmers Markets in 2017.

Kingfield Farmers MarketSundays, May -October, 8:30AM to 1:00PM.  

Mill City Farmers Market: Saturdays, June 24th-September 2nd 8:00AM to 1:00PM.