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Baleada! a plato tipico in Honduras

You will need:

Black beansBaleadas are frequently made with day old beans (black or red). In Honduras, most households always have a large pot of cooked beans on the stove and yesterday’s beans make the perfect main ingredient for baleadas.

Flour tortillas—you can get store-bought flour tortillas or you can buy flour specifically for tortillas at any food store. I usually just buy my tortillas and then toast them on a comal or any flat stove top heating surface (griddle, big skillet).  If you are making homemade tortillas, I recommend that you make them first and set them aside. Side note: You will know your tortillas are perfectly made and heated up once several air pockets in the tortilla fill up like a balloon.

Egg—any egg will do. Baleadas are always made with scrambled eggs but if you like fried eggs, feel free to experiment.

Fresh cream and/or cheese (preferably the crumbly, dry version of queso fresco which is available at any Latino grocer)—These are used as garnish. Fresh cream tastes wonderful with the beans!


Take your day old beans with a little bit of the liquid that they were boiled in and heat them up over medium-low in a large frying pan.  Start mashing up the beans in the pan while they are heating. I usually mash with the bottom of a mason jar until the beans are broken up and mushy.  You can use a blender on the pulse setting if you don’t want to get your hands dirty. Add a good amount of oil (2-3 tbsp at least, the more oil the better) to the pan and wait until the pan is bubbling. Stir up the beans with a wooden spoon and add salt to taste. Add more oil (or lard!) until you get a balance that you like. Keep beans over low heat while you make your eggs and get your tortillas ready.

Scramble however many eggs you want and cook them up. Heat up your tortillas with a griddle or large skillet.

Once all of your parts are made, assembly is required! Take a hot tortilla and spread a spoonful of beans down the center of the tortilla. Add scrambled egg across the top. Garnish with crumbles of cheese and a dollop of fresh cream. Roll up like a burrito and ENJOY. 

If you want to get really adventurous, I recommend adding pickled jalapeños and hot sauce. For another variation on baleadas, feel free to add chorizo, avocado or any other extra topping that you might like.

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