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Papaya Salad made with cucumbers

Papaya Salad

two large cucumbers
Fish sauce
Tamarind sauce
Shrimp paste
Lime juice
Cherry tomatoes
1 Clove garlic
Thai peppers--use more peppers depending on how spicy you like it
Sugar -2 tsp

Crush peanuts, set aside
Mash up garlic and hot pepper
Combine peanuts, pepper and garlic. Use a mortar and pestle for all this.
Use a cheese grater or carrot peeler to grate up segments of cucumber. Only use the flesh of the cucumber, toss the seeds and juicy center to the side.

Add together cucumber and paste, add a couple glugs of fish sauce, a tsp of tamarind, a half tsp of shrimp paste.

Add a quarter lime.

Add halved cherry tomatoes and mix together

Add sugar 

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